Why Do Athletes Use Message Guns?

Why Do Athletes Use Message Guns?


“Massage guns can be used as an alternative to a foam roller as a self-myofascial release tool,” says Vinh Pham, a physical therapist and the founder of Myodetox, a manual therapy and movement clinic which are located in the U.S. and Canada.

He said their are many benefits including range of motion, blood circulation, pain and tissue tension, decreased stress, and enhanced recovery. Massage guns that are in high demand such as our Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager performs best anytime, anywhere.

This massage gun uses percussive massage therapy which is a treatment for soft tissue pain. Percussive massage accelerates the growth and repair of tissues of the body by providing concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. Our message gun offers an adjustable 90 degree rotation for athletes to reach sore muscles and stiffness to alleviate pain.

Our Massage gun offer many added benefits such as an easy-grip handle with 5 adjustable angles to rotate the massage head, you can reach HARD-TO-REACH SPOTS without arm fatigue and wrist strain.

You can even reach your upper and mid-back. This massage gun is perfect for serious sports athletes, bodybuilders and those with dense body mass.Comes with 6 massage heads and 4 speed levels to target specific muscle groups and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain. Elite athletes, trainers, and coaches use massage therapy to speed up muscle soreness and recovery. We are backed and approved by many well known NFL football superstar athletes:


Terrell Davis: #30 Denver Broncos
Marshall Faulk: #28 Los Angeles Rams and Indianapolis Colts
Warren Sapp: #99 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Raiders
Barry Sanders: #20 Detroit Lions
Marquez Valdez-Scantling: #83 Green Bay Packers
Tim Brown: #81 Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Aaron Jones: #33 Green Bay Packers
Jamal Carter: #35 Atlanta Falcons
James Anderson: #50 Carolina Panthers and #42 the New Orleans Saints
Mack Hollins: #86 Miami Dolphins
Byron Chamberlain: #86, #87, #82, #49 Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, and the Washington Redskins
Nick Ferguson: #25 Denver Broncos and the Cincinnati Bengals
Michael Cox: #29 New York Giants
Barry Gardner: #52, #55, #53 Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and New England Patriots
Stephen Weatherly: #91 Minnesota Vikings
Eddie George: #27 Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State Buckeyes
Rod Woodson: #26 Pittsburgh Steelers
Jonathan Taylor: #23 Wisconsin Badgers
Kamerion Wimbley: #95 Cleveland Browns


As we have established social media is the key to becoming a sponsored athlete and the size of your audience matters, this can be over one platform or multiple ones, but the overall figure, levels of engagement they have with you and your appeal will determine if you become a sponsored athlete or not.


First thing first, it is important to know the difference between a sponsorship, being a product rep, and being involved in a sales program. Right now it is common for companies to have a lot of people in sales programs and reps but call them sponsorships, but these aren’t actually sponsorships in the traditional sense. Here are the differences.

Brand Reps- This usually involves sales. As a brand reps you will likely get free products similar to that of a sponsorship athlete, but it would also involve making sales. Meaning you would have to reach out via your social media channels and outlets try to get others companies to buy RENPHO products. This can be very good if you are good at sales and selling in general.

Sales Program- This is where you are given a link that is made just for you. This is where you can send people to go and buy RENPHO products. We will then track how much product people are buying from you, and your link. The amount of free products and/or pay you receive will be based on a percentage of how much you sell. This can actually be an extremely good deal if you are good at selling. The main difference between this and a brand rep is that when you are a brand rep you sell to, and manage the accounts of retailers but when you are involved in a sales program you sell directly to consumers through your link.

Athlete Sponsorship- This is what most people think of when they think of a typical sponsorship. This is when you have a large enough following, notoriety, and name that the company gives you free product and/or payment to be associated with you and have you endorse their products. This arrangement means that people already listen to what you have to say and therefore it is easy for you to recommend products to large numbers of people at once.


There are a lot of things that companies look for in their athletes and their reps. When a supplement company is considering whether or not to sponsor someone they will ask two questions.

  • How will this person help us sell RENPHO products?
  • How many people listen to what this person has to say?

This all comes down to making your mark in the industry and getting people to follow you. Here are some things you can do to increase your following.

  • Create a forum log on at least two larger forums. (bodybuilding.com, anabolicminds.com, muscleandstrength.com, etc). Allow people access to your training, diet, and life.
  • Use your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. sort of like a log. Post progress pics, list your workouts from time to time. Write posts and post pictures that people will want to read and see.
  • Have professional photos of yourself in contest shape. Supplement companies can’t sponsor someone if they can’t put up pictures of them that looks good.
  • Create a “bodybuilding and fitness resume”. This should include anything that is worthy of note in your bodybuilding career. This includes placings, articles, interviews, forum logs, magazine spreads, degrees, certifications, etc. Anything that can show a company that you are accomplished and people will listen to what you have to say, should go on this resume.
  • Once you feel you have enough on your resume or enough to offer. Make a list of every supplement company that you would feel proud to represent. Then you should send your pictures and your resume to them. Make sure to let them know your intent that you would love to represent their company.
  • Vlogs and Blogs are both very big. If you feel up to it this is another good opportunity to get your face and name out there.

Final Thoughts

A company is a business first and foremost. RENPHO will not give free supplements to a sponsored athlete unless we know that this person can help us sell products. You need to prove to us that you would be of value to RENPHO. If we are going to give you items which cost us money you need to think of how you will make an ROI money in the long run. It is only fair. A sponsorship is a job, you sell products and we pay you for it.

We can’t tell you how often we see someone win a bodybuilding show and then get upset when they aren’t offered a supplement sponsorship. This is like earning your college degree and then sitting back and waiting for employers to knock on your door. Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you’ll make a good employee. You have to go out and show companies that you are worth hiring. A degree will help you get a job just like bodybuilding title will help you get a sponsorship, but it is far from the only thing that matters.


I can’t say it enough. The supplement company needs to sell supplement but you need to sell yourself to the supplement company. A good indicator to a supplement company of what you are capable of is how many people follow and interact with you. If you post on social media or a forum and are able to generate a lot of overall “buzz” then that is what they are looking for. This shows that people are listening to what you are saying, and following what you are doing.


If you are posting the same memes as everyone else, or lots of the same clichés then this will not catch people’s attention. Make sure that the content you post on your social media are of interest to people and not something they have seen over and over again.


  • Keep in mind that a sponsorship is a job. You need to hold up your end of the bargain. If you stop pulling your weight and working hard, you will likely lose your sponsorship. Just like with any other job, after you get hired you can’t just kick up your feet and collect a paycheck. You have to earn it.

  • You will need to be willing to attend functions, travel, and make appearances. Holding product demos and making public appearances is often a large part of being sponsored. You must be willing and able to do all of this.

  • More than anything, believe in what you endorse. Too many people “sell their soul” for a quick buck. Those people will not last because people will catch on to those that will seemingly try to sell them anything. Keep your INTEGRITY! We take a lot of pride in RENPHO because we believe in our products and the way we do business.