10 Amazing Health Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

Did you know that having regular foot massages has surprising health benefits? Find out more about why you should use a foot massager to pamper your feet here!
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You may be wondering how you can soothe your feet, especially after being out and about all day. Why don't you pamper your feet more frequently given that they work hard and deserve it?

Regular foot massages should be a part of your routine to keep your feet strong and flexible. Read on to learn more about how a foot massager can help with blood circulation, muscle stimulation, reducing tension and other health benefits it gives!

How Shiatsu Massage Works

A shiatsu massage is the ideal treatment to help soothe muscles and restore energy–it involves more than just exerting pressure. Shiatsu focuses on releasing any blockages or imbalances in the energy flow. It helps revitalize the body by redistributing energy to the areas that need it most.

Health Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

Foot massage has been used as a means of boosting health and relaxation, and some actually use it to support medical treatment. Using foot massagers definitely has many proven benefits, and here are some of them:

It can help with inflammation and swelling by improving blood circulation

Notice how when your feet and ankles get tired, it hurts. This is because of the restriction of blood flow on your feet.

Foot massagers can help improve your body’s overall blood flow since it circulates more effectively to all of your extremities. Having a foot massage can assist you to have a healthier cardiovascular system as it relieves pressure on the heart and makes it work less difficult.

It can support your feet to be more flexible and enhance your mobility

Electric foot massagers can help improve your total range of motion and flexibility by stretching and massaging your foot muscles. These are helpful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who lead active lifestyles as they can also help improve their feet’s muscular condition.

It can help improve your immune system

Having a foot massage helps to activate your lymphatic system and cleanse toxins from your body. It can naturally strengthen your immune system while helping prevent any illnesses. Having a foot massage can help you fight off infections by increasing the activity of your white blood cells.

It can help in relieving stress and anxiety

Based on the theory behind reflexology, applying pressure to the feet can aid in the healing and reduction of stress in the linked organs and systems of the body. 

Electric foot massagers are effective stress relievers on a chemical level, too!  Having a foot massage causes your body to produce less cortisol, a kind of stress hormone that may have a harmful impact on your health such as weight gain, depression, or anxiety.

It can support in dealing with muscle strain


When you’re constantly either on the go or have an active lifestyle, your calves, heels and feet hurt at the end of the day from walking, running and other physical activities. Your feet muscles tend to be overworked, causing your feet to stiffen and become sore. Foot massagers can help in relaxing the muscles on your feet.


It can help improve your mood


Foot massagers can help relax and relieve pain by lowering your cortisol levels, which induce stress and other adverse health impacts. It supports the releasing of endorphins, organic hormones that are demonstrated to improve mood and lessen pain by blocking pain receptors in the body. Research shows that regular foot massage sessions can help in boosting concentration and fighting symptoms of tiredness by enhancing circulation and nerve functions.


It can assist to lower your blood pressure


High blood pressure is typically caused by stress, unhealthy diet, genes or environmental factors. High-stress levels can be relieved by applying pressure to specific acupressure points on the soles of the feet.


It can aid in improving your brain function


Your brain status has a great influence on how it functions. Your focus level may reduce when you’re overworked, discovered negative news, anxious and other factors. Using a foot massage will naturally stimulate the brain and will become alert and continue to work exactly as it should. Your focus and concentration will then be improved, and your mind will begin to function more quickly and effectively.


It can help reduce headaches 


Studies have shown that a foot massage is beneficial if you get headaches or migraines, as it can instantly enhance your body’s serotonin production, which acts as a natural painkiller. Foot massages have been very effective at easing chronic headaches that may have been caused by a busy lifestyle. However, make sure that there are no other medical issues that caused these symptoms. 


It can support better sleep

According to research, a foot massage is one of the best and most effective tools to guarantee restful sleep that helps calm your nerves and support your body in winding down. This also helps you fall asleep faster and deeper.


Whether it’s on your back, neck, feet or anywhere else, massage, in general, has been shown to reduce discomfort and relax the body. Take care of your feet’s health by using the Shiatsu Foot Massager which helps relieve feet tension with a stimulating massage while providing heat and kneading components.


Using a foot massager has surprising health benefits


Your feet could use some care, especially when you tend to have more days spent working or training. A foot massager not only helps with relief but with our feet’s health, which links to our different body systems as well.


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