How Long Should Your Skipping Rope Length Be?

How Long Should Your Skipping Rope Length Be?

Skipping should be fun and free from the frustration of getting all tied up in knots. Of course, getting tangled is all part of the challenge but it should never be the fault of your jump rope either. This is sadly the case when the rope length is incorrectly sized to the height of the skipper.

Because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we’ve created a handy guide for sizing the length of your RENPHO Smart Jump Rope correctly:

1) Stand on the middle of your fully assembled jump rope.

2) Hold the left side handle at a horizontal angle and pull the rope taut.

3) Measure up to your underarm and use the adjustable fastening clip to tighten off the remaining slack.

4) Repeat on the above steps for the right side handle and you’ve now successfully made the adjustments needed for maximum skipping comfort!

If you are still unsure, please follow the table below for a rough estimate of how long the rope length should be according to your height.

Optimal Jump Rope Length Chart

Watch the video below to see the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope in action or click here to learn more about its unique product features.