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Truly Personalized Workouts

Tailored to your biometric data and AI-powered to give personalized training programs that can automatically alter resistance based on your level, power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results possible. Suitable for ages 15 to 70 at any fitness level.

Training Programs at No Cost

Download the free AI Gym app and connect your RENPHO AI Smart Bike to access 70+ unique classes, 4 courses and more. We are constantly adding new and exciting features to cover all rider needs from leisurely scenic rides to sweat-inducing fat burn workouts.


Personalized AI

Progress quickly with weekly training programs custom tailored to your individual level of fitness.

Power Training

FTP training for fat burn, endurance and strength with automated resistance zones that adjust to your cadence and other biometric data.

Video Coaching

Ride along with certified Les Mills trainers as they lead you through a wide variety of premium classes

Scenic Rides

Travel along

virtual trails

around the world and experience unique travel destinations on your RENPHO AI Smart Bike without leaving your home

Next-Level Technology

Smart motor damping

technology provides a smooth and quiet riding experience that smoothly adds resistance automatically for a highly effective workout session that glides unlike any other featuring electromagnetic resistance technology.

Freewheel Pedal Freedom

Freewheel design makes the riding experience feel smooth and allows you coast along smoothly without uninterruption as if you were biking outdoors—only you never have to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Workouts adjust to fitness via FTP technology

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) rates your individual cycling power and then adjusts workout courses to your specific level of fitness following a 15min test found within the AI Gym app.

Get Connected and Race Your Friends

Enjoy a scenic ride around the world’s most beautiful trails or get competitive and race others across maps supported by the RENPHO AI Gym App. Hit you goals in fun new ways that make your exercise routine an enjoyable way to hit your goals.

Designed for the Best Riding Experience

Sleek Design

Cushioned seat and ergonomically positioned handlebars. Designed for biking comfort.

3 Points of Adjustment

Handlebar, seat height and seat distance for any training position.


Third-Party Connectivity Compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit and more.

Safety Ensured

Enclosed wheels and freewheel design for a brake-free experience.

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